Kinds of Dog’s Teeth and Their Function


Just like what was promised in the previous article titled : Dental Care for Your Dogs , we will now tackle the different kinds of Dog’s Teeth and their function.


Let’s start with one of most commonly known kind of teeth both in humans and pets, the incisors. Generally there are Twelve incisors teeth in a dog’s mouth. If you do not know what they look like, they are the little single rooted teeth at the front of their mouth which are mainly used for grooming and also used for some delicate chewing. The incisors are very easy to clean and brush. Take note that you can also clean these teeth with some water additives.


Another kind of teeth are the the premolars, which are the multi rooted teeth which are used in order to cut some large food items. There are about 16 pre molars, which is about four on each sides and top and bottom. You might have noticed, most of the dogs move the larger food items to the back of their teeth to properly cut them, because that is where the cutting teeth is. The most recommended way of keeping the premolars clean is by simply brushing them. The the premolars can also be cleaned with dental food.


Okay, in my opinion molars are the most commonly known kind of teeth. Molars are the flat teeth at the back of the teeth which is primarily used to grind a very hard or thick dry food. Since they are at the very back of the teeth set, they are not that easy to clean. The most recommended way to clean them is by using a dental biscuit which can also keep the molars healthy. They are also a little difficult to brush since they are at the very back, so you will need a little more patience on them.

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